Tool Swap Meet at Seedy Saturday, April 14th

Tool Swap at Seedy Saturday

April 14, 2012

200 Block of Main Street, Penticton

Are idle gardening tools hanging around your home?

Swap for other tools, sell them, or donate them to the Centre for Urban Agriculture (C.URB)!

We (C.URB) will collect and put them to work in a new home!

Suggested tools: shovels, spades, digging forks, rakes, hoes, trowels, clippers, pruners, pruning saws, weed diggers, hand hedge trimmers

For information on where to drop off your tools before April 14 and what we need to know from you, email or call 250-492-0158.

Upcoming, we have another work party day!  

On Wednesday, September 7th, we will be planting xeriscape gardens at the south end of the lot.  We need hands to help!  And you’ll learn about preparing the site, planting techniques and about the xeriscape plants themselves!

We’re running two work party sessions on Wednesday September 7th at C.Urb



Bring: gloves, shovels, trowels, garden forks, rakes, drinking water, hats and friends!

Stay as long as you can!

Habitat for Humanity has agreed to donate and deliver soil from their excavation at 12 Huth Ave to the C.Urb site.

Art Knapp’s and Superior Peat have generously donated 7 yards of mulch to spread around the xeriscape beds.