Sharing Land 4 Food

A program through the Centre for Urban Agriculture (C.URB) Ellis and Nanaimo St., Penticton

PUAA is starting a Sharing Land 4 Food program to connect people needing land for gardening or farming with those having land they would like to see used more productively.

What is it?

Property owners in Penticton and surrounding areas have many hundreds of acres of land that currently are in energy, water, and time-hungry lawns, are unused former agricultural land, or simply weedy wastelands. These range from small urban backyards to much larger rural acreages. Most of this land could be renovated to produce food crops at the home or small-farm scale and greatly increase our locally grown food supply. At the same time, people who would like to have a small food garden or to get into farming do not have the land they need. Local community gardens fill some of the need for the former group, but are limited in spaces and for some potential users in their location.

Getting started and gauging interest in the program

We are asking anyone who has land to be used or who would like to have a place to garden or farm to send us the following:

  •  your name
  •  address
  • contact information,
  • or landowners: the approximate land area you would like to have used
  • how you would prefer to be contacted: telephone or email

You can use our contact us form to send the required information to the Program Coordinator.

All this information will be kept confidential beyond putting people together to discuss a possible arrangement for land use.

We will set up a database with this information and then put people together preferably who are in easy travel distance of each other.

PUAA will provide participants in the program with a list of suggested topics and items for both parties to discuss, but specific arrangements will be up to the two parties to agree upon. A common such arrangement is for the homeowner to receive an agreed-upon amount of produce grown.

For beginning gardeners, we will be offering a variety of basic courses on how to get started so don’t hesitate to sign up for the Sharing Land program just because you are new to growing things.

3 thoughts on “Sharing Land 4 Food

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  3. I at present leave myself open as the only family here to support my 102 yr old dad in Westview so can not commit the time to a garden as yet. I am involved with Habitat so will assist with what ever is needed which may be sporatic. I would very much like to assis in clean up or on going projects that I can be called upon and go from there with you tho even helping or sharing work load with another up to a point I can manage. I would appreciate connecting if you could let me know a time and date that I could arrange for out of the work time with Habitat. Thank you

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