PUAA is part of the Okanagan College Speaker Series!

The OC Speaker series always brings interesting conversations to their stage and we are proud to have been invited to step up.

Join us on February 18th at 7pm at the Main lecture theatre on the Penticton Campus.  Board members Eva Duance and Jennifer Vincent will be talking about PUAA’s campaign to build a grassroots food security movement (summary here).

Find out about all the upcoming Speakers by visiting this website


Check out our Farm Bag Fundraiser

PUAA was offered an opportunity to raise money through enrollments in a CSA-style local produce program.  Customers sign up to receive 20lbs of produce on a monthly basis.  Each month costs $25 and PUAA earns 20% for each sale. Customers collect their produce from our C.Urb site once a month at a scheduled time.

The Farm Bag program runs monthly until April.

This program is a natural match for PUAA’s mandates to support local agriculture.  With many of the involved producers growing in the South Okanagan this program provides income-generation for those farmers through the winter months.


Upcoming, we have another work party day!  

On Wednesday, September 7th, we will be planting xeriscape gardens at the south end of the lot.  We need hands to help!  And you’ll learn about preparing the site, planting techniques and about the xeriscape plants themselves!

We’re running two work party sessions on Wednesday September 7th at C.Urb



Bring: gloves, shovels, trowels, garden forks, rakes, drinking water, hats and friends!

Stay as long as you can!

Habitat for Humanity has agreed to donate and deliver soil from their excavation at 12 Huth Ave to the C.Urb site.

Art Knapp’s and Superior Peat have generously donated 7 yards of mulch to spread around the xeriscape beds.

Earth Day 2011 – PUAA Site Clean Up Effort

The Penticton Urban Agriculture Association invites you to join in on a Citizens’ Clean Up effort in support of Earth Day.
The vacant lot at the corner of Ellis and Nanaimo is the future home of a Centre dedicated to teaching and supporting Urban Agriculture in Penticton.
This Friday, April 22nd there will be a Community effort to clean up the site by removing rubbish and weeds.  Bring Gloves, a hat and a friend!

When: Friday April 22nd 11am-12pm 

Where: PUAA site at the corner of Nanaimo and Ellis St, Penticton

What to Bring: Gloves, a hat, some refreshing water to drink and a friend

Wondering what Earth Day (and the surrounding Earth Week) is all about?

Check out this site: http://www.earthday.ca/pub/

Benefits to the Community

The driving force behind this project is to increase self-sustainability of the community through education and engagement.

A few of the direct benefits are listed below:

  • A more extensive, reliable local food supply grown and stored over a longer period of time is critical for the areas’ long-term prosperity and liveability;
  • Young farmers who cannot afford to buy land will be able to lease land from orchardists and farmers a number of whom wish to retire and/or are in difficult financial situations;
  • Our limited supplies of water and arable land can be more efficiently used as well as potential food-growing land now in urban areas;
  • The rising interest in food gardening and processing and in obtaining locally grown foods can be satisfied more than at present;
  • Energy, the costs for which are rising and increasing the price of imported food, can be conserved and used more efficiently with local growing and preserving;
  • The amount of energy used and greenhouse gases emitted by hauling food over long distances will be reduced for this area;
  • Young people will learn to grow food and be more food self-sufficient;
  • People on low incomes and with limited facilities and/or who do not know how to shop, cook, and feed themselves in a healthy and affordable manner will learn these skills
  • Policies at the local level that support local food production and distribution  will contribute greatly to community support for and the viability of such programs